Tracking and Analytics for Remodeling Companies

A winning marketing strategy requires clearly defined goals and careful monitoring of progress. Tell us how you’d like to grow your remodeling today. We’ll help you set goals and use the top tracking and analyticssoftware to ensure you meet them.

Understanding the results is the first part of the process. Knowing how to adjust the strategy to optimize those results is where we shine.

What are theGoals of Your Remodeling Business?

Getting more leads isn’t always the answer. Unqualified leads are usually timewasters. It pays to consider what type of leads you want. Do you want quick and easy projects or larger ones you subcontract out? What budget should your ideal client have?

Determining thetype of project and budget will help you narrow down your ideal target market. We’ll then work out a strategy based on your services and the best places to reach your preferred clientele.

Perhaps you have enough leads for now but want to build brand awareness. That’s a very different set of goals, so we’ll adjust your strategy accordingly.

What Results Do You Consider Acceptable?

Marketers typically say that a 5% to 10% conversion rate is reasonable. We feel that a 20% to 25% conversion rate is more realistic. It’s achievablewhen you know what you’re doing. We perfect every element of each campaign to maximize your results.

Why settle for breadcrumbs when you can get a whole slice?

Work out the kinds of conversion rates you feel are acceptable upfront. This gives you an excellent benchmark against which to measure results. If your agency only delivers 5% after several months, they’re not putting in the effort.

What We Do Differently

Careful Ad Group Separation

Testing is the best way to find the optimal keywords. Instead of targeting a wide range of keywords, we stick to a specific key phrase per ad. We’ll add some close variations if necessary. This technique is highly effective for quickly locating the best-performing keywords.

Big Negative Keyword Lists

Using negative keywords helps you narrowyour targeting even more. It also prevents youfrom paying for adsthat are only semi-relevant.


We’ve got a highly creative and experienced team. They’ll study your target market carefully to make them click yourads.

Manual Optimization

Some firms use Google’s auto-optimize function to save time. While the tool is useful, it’s no match for anactualperson with marketing experience. We check everyresult manually and optimize campaigns as needed.

Highly Effective Local Map Triggers

Occupyingthat coveted spot directly under a map result is challenging. Our team knows the secret of getting there.

What Platforms and Advertisements Do We Use?

We havethe most effective platforms and ads available. Our team bases its strategy on your goals and target market. We use a combination of the following tools.

Google Search Ads

If you want to guarantee getting the top spot on Google, Google Search Ads is where you should start. For a remodeler, we suggest using Google Local Ads as well. Google Local Adsare very specialized, so it takes expertise to meet all the requirements.

The payoff is an exceptionally highclick-through rate. If you’re not using this method, you canbe sure that your competitors are.

Google Retargeting

Getting someone to trust you to replace a shower is simple. Earning their trust to remodel their entirehomerequires more effort. With retargeting, we keep your brand foremost in the client’s mind while they decide.

We accomplish this by making sure theadsshows up, seemingly by coincidence, when they search the web for other things.

Google Affinity Ads

Often confused with remarketing, these ads take aslightly sneakier approach by targeting those who’ve been to your competitor’s site and searched for specific services you offer. This type of ad works well for high-value projects.

Yahoo/Bing Search Ads

With Google dominating the search engine market, it’s easy to forget about Yahoo and Bing. It’s also a mistake. These search engines may have lower search volumes, but it’s easier to rank with them. Their prices are also more affordable than Google’s.

Targeted Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing works exceptionally well for remodelers. We’ll clearly define your audience to focus on yourarea. We’ll refine it to homeowners interested in renovations or home improvement. We’ll then make creative ad sets to hook new leads.

Facebook Retargeting

This works in much the same way as Google retargeting, except that the ads appear on Facebook. With this ad type, the results are limited to those who’ve visited your site.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is an excellent way to reach businesses inneed of onsite renovation. It’s also a unique way ofconnecting with professionals who have the funds to spend on home improvements.

Content Marketing

PPC advertising is excellent for short-term results. Content marketing is a long-term strategy. With content marketing, the aim is to provide a valuable resource for potential clients.

This strategy is useful because it’s not seen as marketing at all. Instead, you’re helping a client solve a problem. People are more likely to pay attention to content than pure advertising. They’re also more likely to share it.

At the very least, you’ll be able to demonstrate your expertise in the field and get more organic traffic.

A Certified Google Partner

Becoming a certified Google Partner isn’t easy. Google is strict about whom it endorses. You’ve got to take exams, then demonstrate what you’ve learned through outstanding performance.

We feel it’s important to have at least one certified member on our team. Suchknowledge helps us get the best results for our clients.

Meet Your Professional Marketing Team Today

If you’re in the remodeling business, book a consultation. You may do so by clicking the button on this screen or calling in. Speak to us about your goals for your business. We’ll devise a winning strategy to help you grow your business. Our robust tracking and analytics processes enable us to optimize each strategy effectively.

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If you want your business to be not just findable on the internet, but to connect with clients, it’s not as simple as setting up a website and waiting to hear back. We are well versed in not just online presence, but remodeling marketing as well. It’s our job to help carry your digital footprint to a new level. Our goal is to help you better leverage your site and advertising online to attract a stronger batch of clients to your business.

If you’re looking for better results, contact us today and we can work with you to establish a strategy for marketing your remodeling business.