Roman S., A+ Construction & Remodeling Owner

I’m Roman with the A+ Construction & Remodeling company . I’m here today to talk about a relationship that we embarked upon couple years ago with Ilya and his team from Kitchen Remodeling Marketing at the time we were we had some dormant results in our website and internet visibility phones weren’t ringing in call volume was short and we knew we had to make a change so we interviewed some viable candidates and we ended up going with Ilya and his team and I can’t say enough about how we’ve seen a turnaround website traffic.

In 2020 we have ranked #507 in Inc 5000 private companies list across United States, with +923% organic growth. Tremendous results for us, we are growing so fast.

Take a look at Kitchen remodeling Marketing and you know compare them to some other options that are available and you know I think you’ll find that these guys will do a great job for you if you hire them.


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