SEO for Remodeling Businesses

Getting into Google’s Local Pack has become the holy grail for businesses. The Local Pack, or 3-Pack as it’s also called, represents the top three local search results. Earning a spot in that coveted 3-Pack means following a targeted SEO strategy forremodelers.

How do remodelers make it into theirLocal Pack? By optimizing theircontent, having a mobile-friendly website, and demonstrating community connections.

Why is it Important to be in the Local Pack?

The Local Pack gets the lion’s share of traffic. If your website appears there, you’re guaranteed more customers and organic traffic. More importantly, you’ll get more local clients. It’s a highly effective and relatively low-cost form of marketing.

What are the Benefits of Being in the Local Pack?

The Local Pack shows up as a box at the top of a Google searchpage, thereby focusing web searchers’ attention on those three businesses. The benefits of this focus include:

  • High ROI: With the right SEO professionals at your side, getting into the top three spots is simple. Ourproven techniques will help youimprove organic traffic while reducing your PPC campaign spending.
  • Better Ranking Capability: The higher you rank in search engine results, the more business you get. Ranking high in local searches may also boost the rankings of your other keywords in more general searches.
  • Better Brand Awareness: Showing up in the 3-Pack helps your brand stand out. Even if the searcher doesn’t visit your site today, you still benefit fromheightenedbrand awareness.
  • High Conversions: Optimizing for local searches boosts your revenue by bringing you new clients in your local area. This gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors in terms of growth potential. 

What Should You do to Rank Higher?

SEO is complicated. Partnering with our professional team is an investment in your success. We’ll create a winning strategy that cuts the confusion so you can rank more quickly. Some of the strategies we suggest include the following.

CateringtoLocal Searchers

Start by giving the search engines what they want. According to Google, four out of five clients run local searches. If you’re not catering tothese searchers, you might be bypassing some importanttraffic.

Include details about the town or suburb you’re targeting on the page. Use the names of popular local spots like parks and museums to relate the page to that area. Place a map of the area on your page.

Speak to us about how we can help you rank your map to get even more business.

Building Prominence

Prominent businesses rank better in search results. Prominence refers to how trusted and well-known your business is and how many people talk about it. Google works out your prominence by measuring three metrics:

  • Links
  • Reviews
  • Citations


Links from well-established sites in your area are critical if you want to rank locally. Solidoptions include your local Chamber of Commerce and business networking sites, news sites, and educational websites.

Ten years ago, any link pointing to your website benefitted you. Since then, Google’s algorithm has advanced to the point where it also evaluates the quality of the sites linking to yours. A link from a less credible website causes search engines to question your site’s credibility.


Reviews are a crucial component of how Google evaluates your business. It’s harder to build a credible review base than you might think. Google draws information from several sources, such as Tripadvisor, Yelp, and your Google My Business page. It looks at how many reviews you have and the quality of each report.

A quality review is more than just “Great service.”It includes detailed information, such as what your company did to exceed the client’s expectations. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients to leave reviews for you.

Explain to them that it’s important for your business. Then make it as easy as possible for the client to leave areview. Email them a follow-up with links to the review sites. Let them choose which sites are easiest for them.

Let the reviews flownaturally. If too many are added in a single day, it looks suspicious to Google. If you’d like to ask previous clients for testimonials, do so in small batches.


Citations occur whenever your business is mentioned online. They may include theNAP (name, address, and phone number) of your business. This information may appear in directories, newspaper sites, blogs, event listings, and more.

What’s critical is that the information is consistent across all sites. You should check this by running an extensive search at least twice a year. If you find incorrect details listed, contact the site owner as soon as possible and ask them to make corrections.

Could Your Site Rank Better?

Ask yourself the following questions to find out.

  • Does your website’s title include precise, targeted keywords?
  • Do you use full-length URLs or clean ones designed to be SEO-friendly?
  • Have you kept track of your information on various directories?
  • Does your website display well on mobile?
  • Do you have a regular publishing schedule for your blog?
  • Is your local businesses schema covered by your website?
  • Is your Call to Action clearly visible?
  • Can visitors easily see your phone number?
  • Have you created indexable navigation menus?

If you’re not sure of the answer to some of these questions, schedule an appointment. Our team will perform a site audit on your behalf.

Can You Wait?

As a busy remodeler, you might have a thousand things to do. It’s easy to let SEO slide, especially if you’re getting enough leads for the time being. The rules for local SEO are fluid. Google consistently makes changes to ensure that it gives the best results.

If you don’t adjust accordingly, what was once astream of leads will turn into a trickle. Rebuilding your traffic once that happens is complicated. Speak to our team today about tweaks to keep that organic traffic flowing.

Our specialized SEO strategies for remodelers put you in touch with qualified leads. Call today for measurable results and expert advice.

Ready to call?

If you want your business to be not just findable on the internet, but to connect with clients, it’s not as simple as setting up a website and waiting to hear back. We are well versed in not just online presence, but remodeling marketing as well. It’s our job to help carry your digital footprint to a new level. Our goal is to help you better leverage your site and advertising online to attract a stronger batch of clients to your business.

If you’re looking for better results, contact us today and we can work with you to establish a strategy for marketing your remodeling business.