Remodeling Case Study

What our customers can expect:

If you’re in the kitchen remodeling business, you know how hard it can be to attract customers. Even with a website, customers have to be able to find you on the web and then they have to choose your services. That’s a lot of conversions.

Marketing online is increasingly an essential part of any kitchen remodeling business plan. In order to ensure your customers are seeing all you have to offer, you have to make sure your digital presence demonstrates all you can do in a simple, impressive, and intuitive display.

That’s where we come in. We help by using smart and effective tools to assist your growth even in a highly competitive landscape.

By looking beyond the usual avenues, we can help you generate leads that actually pan out. On the surface, what we do seems straightforward. But our guidelines are more complicated than that.

Take a look at these two sites, the before and after:

[images go here]

Despite being an established remodeler in the [location] area, this client had an outdated website. That was making it difficult to attract (and retain) clients as they grew, even with a handful of advertising strategies in place.

You can probably spot some of the differences that we renovated on the website. Those include:

  • Showcased the portfolio to better wow the visitors to the site
  • A sleeker, more intuitive redesign that made it easier to navigate from a user’s standpoint
  • Made the content on the site easy and informative to read
  • Created an easy-to-use quote form to help attract even those just on the site to kick the tires
  • Put awards and accolades in a prominent location on the site to signal credibility

But many of these changes go deeper than the superficial tweaks that a user would notice and appreciate.

In [client]’s case, we created a kitchen remodel marketing strategy that increased their SEO, built out their social media presence, and increased their ranking in local business listings. By increasing these metrics, their advertisements online brought them many more leads than they were getting before.

By making the site more responsive, we not only provided an easier user experience for clients to access from any device but also boosted the results in the search traffic. Since 2018, search engines like Google have altered their search algorithm to reward sites that are mobile-friendly. So creating a responsive, mobile-compliant site is paramount if you hope to attract visitors seeking help with their kitchen remodel.

To compete in the fierce marketplace of the internet, it’s vital to do everything you can to be ranked well in search engines. That’s why this site was just one part of a greater digital marketing strategy.

In addition to search engines, how your company is represented on Yelp, Facebook, and other social media can impact customers’ impressions. Though it may seem odd, we help clients make sure their services are advertised to the fullest on these services to best generate leads. By filling out as many details as you can, your site can result in higher and higher rates of traffic from those sites to your own.

Because we started with their company’s organic online presence, their other marketing strategies saw a greater surge. This is a vital step: if you focus only on advertising in the digital marketplace but your site isn’t designed for proper user experience, then customers will simply move on after clicking through your ad.

Once [client]’s footprint was in order, they were much better prepared to receive traffic from other sources. Indeed, after the redesign, [client] began to get much more quality leads from linking a customer to networks such as Angie’s List, Houzz, and more.

We also helped them develop a plan for targeted ad programs like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Being more selective in which audiences you connect with — with a proper landing page in place — can lead to a higher return on investment, and more quality leads.

And a well-designed marketing program wouldn’t be anything without a local presence. By building out [client]’s presence with more immediate community resources, we put them in direct competition with those who might be beating them out for jobs.

Altogether, these changes went beyond just a simple website facelift. Over time, these structural changes behind the scenes lead to a massive boost in website traffic, a marked improvement in inquiries, and a greater overall conversion rate from leads generated from these many sources.

Are you interested in learning what sort of plan we can decide for you?

The truth is there’s no single key to a perfect marketing plan; the best strategy for your business should be tailored to your needs, locale, and customer base. The goal is to meet customers where they are, and for that, you need a strategy that’s customized to you.

The one thing we can say is that it’s more complicated than you might think to be attractive to a broad base of customers on the internet. For your profile to be competitive you need to do more than just set up a website.

We’re knowledgeable about the world of kitchen remodeling, with years of experience helping to market in this area. Our team is responsive and patient, eager to sit and work with you one on one to create the best kitchen remodeling marketing plan for your business.

When we work with clients, we make sure each plan is tailored to their needs, because that is the best way to help them reach the parts of the market they hope to. Whether you’re interested in reaching a broader clientele or specializing in niche areas of potential customers, our experts can help you design an online marketing strategy that matches your goals.

And to ensure your strategy keeps meeting the diverse needs of your clientele, we stay in touch and make sure you’re meeting your goals. Once you’re a customer of ours, we provide easy ways to update or fix problems with your website. So far our customers have seen nothing but improvement, and we’re eager to help you achieve the same. Contact us today to start setting up a quote and a strategy for your marketing needs.