About Us

Who Are We?

At KRM, we work hard to help kitchen remodeling businesses like yours exceed their own expectations. In this digital age, online marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a business’s arsenal. With this in mind, we can create a customized plan for your business to supercharge your online presence. As owners of a small business ourselves, we completely understand the marketing challenges you face. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted an approach that considers the needs of kitchen remodelers and small, locally-focused businesses as well.

To help us help you more effectively, we've chosen to focus exclusively on digital marketing for kitchen remodeling businesses. That means that we're bringing you specialized knowledge for your industry instead of generalized marketing ideas. The best marketing strategies for a remodeling company aren’t going to be the same as they are for, say, a restaurant—you need a marketing plan as unique as your business.

How Can We Help Your Remodeling Company?

It’s estimated that the average person spends about 8 hours online. Since there is a good chance that’s where your potential clients are hanging out, we’ll help you expand your digital marketing range so you can meet them there. We’ll work with you to design a marketing plan that is optimized for your business and location. That might include:

  • Social media campaigns targeting your ideal client base
  • We are constantly tracking and analyzing data so we can adjust strategies to make them more effective.
  • Researching your location and using that information to make choices about your marketing plan

We're accessible

Since KRM focuses on digital marketing, we can work with you wherever you are. We’ll develop strategies that are perfectly designed to get the best results in your specific geographic location. Even though digital marketing has similarities wherever you go, the tactics that are effective in a major city just don’t work the same way in a rural area. That’s why we take the time to research keywords, strategies, and information that will be effective for your business in particular.

As no two businesses or locations are completely the same, we pride ourselves on taking an individualized approach to your needs. We’ll work alongside you to fully understand the nuances of your business and geographic location. Then, we’ll use our digital marketing knowledge to craft a strategy that will bring you results. Part of being accessible is that we want you to understand everything we’re doing. For that reason, we offer regularly scheduled reports that explain analytics in a way that is easy to understand. These reports include:

  • Click-Through Rates and Bounce Rates - These rates measure how many people are engaging with, clicking on, and browsing your website. We’ll adjust your website’s design and speed if these numbers are lower than they should be.
  • Social media reach - We’ll show you the numbers of follows, unfollows, likes, and shares, and make sure that every social media campaign has effective results.
  • Traffic sources - After pinpointing the best traffic sources to your website, we will market more extensively on these channels.

Why choose Kitchen Remodeling Marketing ?

At KRM, we value hard work, expertise, and collaboration, and we pride ourselves on bringing these values into everything we do. By choosing to work with KRM, you can feel confident that your business will be shown specialized attention and achieve incredible results.

As you know, complete dedication is necessary to make a business work. Since we’ve seen our clients put endless energy and hard work into their kitchen remodeling businesses, we believe it’s only right to match that energy ourselves.

When you work with KRM, you can rest assured that we are working just as diligently for the success of your business as we would our own. The success of our clients is our success, and the number of new clients who were referred by satisfied past clients proves that point.

KRM has a deep working knowledge of the kitchen remodeling industry. Not only do we have lots of experience working with leading kitchen remodeling businesses, but we also make an effort to stay up to date on all new developments and information.

We are continually working to implement current data into our marketing strategies to bring you the most relevant, effective tactics for your business. Plus, we’ve learned the search terms that homeowners who plan to remodel their kitchens are using, what interests them, and how to combine all of this information into a marketing plan that uses industry knowledge to its advantage.

You could use the services of a digital marketing agency that works with any type of business, but why not use our highly specialized knowledge to your advantage? We’ll make sure that our techniques are customized, specific, and work for you.

You can feel confident that your marketing strategy is in good hands. Every one of our team members, from copywriting to web design to analytics, is a highly skilled professional in their field.

Since we work with some of the best businesses in the kitchen remodeling industry, it’s important to us that our quality of work matches your standards for excellence. We’ve put in the work in our own industry so that your business can focus on what it does best—we’ll do the rest.

How Do We Measure Success?

If the number of new leads your business gains from our marketing campaign has wildly exceeded your expectations, we consider it a job well done.  KRM will work with you until you see results. We know that you demand excellence from your business, so we demand excellence in everything we do to help your business grow.

More practically, we measure our success by results. Constantly monitoring the effectiveness of our strategies has helped us hone techniques that are guaranteed to produce great results for our clients. Even better, since we specialize in just one field, we've had the time to delve deeper into everything that makes a kitchen remodeler marketing plan successful instead of generalizing and remaining on the surface.

As a case in point, over the agency of Kitchen Remodeling Marketing, A+ Construction & Remodeling company has been ranked 507 in terms of the overall revenue growth among 5000 of the US private companies, the Inc 5000 reveals, making + 923% in 2020.

Let's Work Together!

KRM offers a variety of services and packages to suit the needs of clients at any stage of the business cycle. If your kitchen remodeling business is in its early days, we can create a website with SEO content, design a marketing plan, and deliver analytics monthly. If you're more established but would like to update an existing website, we offer a variety of stand-alone packages that include web design, SEO, and more.

No matter what option you choose, you have our guarantee that we will deliver a website and marketing plan that generates leads and showcases your style and professionalism. Each of our expert team members is ready to help your business achieve the success you deserve. Get in touch today.